Flavours of ramzan reimagined as Chocolates

this ramzan make your iftar party special with Fabelle limited edition chocolates!

Every evening for a month now, the country will be breaking its fast with traditional delicacies. It’s time for the delectable wafts of kheer and sheer khurma to flood our senses as we get down to celebrate Iftar with our family and loved ones.

This holy month, reimagine your iftar feasts with Fabelle's limitied edition chocolate range. Each of the Fabelle's limited edition Chocolate is inspired from the traditional Iftar sweets. Make you Iftar feast special with this Fabelle's limited edition Chocolates and gift it to your friends and loved ones.

almond stuffed chocolate dates

Rich exotic almonds encapsulated in decadent chocolate. Simple yet elegant, the way dates should be experienced this Eid.

Apricot & Roast Almond Clusters

Slow roasted almonds & exotic apricots come together like never before, in a dark chocolate cluster for a fruity, nutty delight.

Sticky Fig truffles

Decadent hand-rolled truffles with an exquisite sticky fig centre. Topped with a nutty glaze for an exotic flavourful experience.

Rose nestled in dark chocolate cups

Delicate rose encapsulated in velvety dark chocolate for a smooth, light, yet luxurious flavour this Eid.

Pistachio & saffron infused white chocolate ganache cups

Crunchy pistachios and the elegant saffron elevate the flavour of Eid in Fabelle’s Signature cups.

This Ramzan, bless your senses with Fabelle’s limited edition chocolates
handcrafted by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers. Each of the limited edition chocolate is made with single origin cocoas carefully
paired with exotic ingredients such as saffron, pistachio, rose, apricot & more to create the traditional flavours of the holy month.

Each box of the limited edition box contains 2 pieces each of the 5 unique chocolate creations that take you on a sensorial journey of the flavours of Ramzan.

When you order this limited edition range for home delivery, it will be carefully cold packed so that it reaches you in the most pristine form for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Get ready to celebrate a reimagined spread of joy, happiness and all things sweet with Fabelle.

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Chocolate boxes will be delivered within 2 days from the date of order.
Available from 15th May, 2019 - 5th June, 2019.
Delivery charges of ₹ 135 or above applicable as per the location.

Box of 10 @ ₹ 750*
*Price inclusive of taxes